Many people aged 65 and above assume that if they take supplements, they will stay healthy. However, this is not the case because if one purpose to take well-balanced diet at all times, it will maintain better health than supplements which are expensive and do not necessarily help in staying healthy as they believe deemed to be.

Should you happen to be aged 65, the below strategies can help achieve a healthier and happy living. Better insurance makes for a stress free life and Medicare supplement plans in 2019 are not changing.

Research has proved it that exercise is one of the vital activities seniors should engage themselves in. More often than not, this is not the case since most of them will claim to be sick, aged, or just a feeling of laziness.

Exercise helps to promote healthy bones, active brains and also strengthen muscles.

  1. Eating healthy.
Portrait of a smiling senior couple embracing while sitting at home

When one starts experiencing old age, the metal metabolism also gets slow. The digestion rate also becomes slow, and its therefore advisable that seniors should take foods that will not require much energy to digest. Some of the foods that are essential at this age are plenty of fruits, grains such as beans and green grams, Vegetables like the kales among others.

In the list of foods, the old need to take dairy products in plenty for instance milk and yogurt are an excellent source of calcium which helps in strengthening the bones.

  1. Drinking plenty of water.

A nutritionist will recommend that for a person to have a healthy body, they should take a minimum of 8 glasses per day to ensure the body remains moist.

In the same case, seniors should take as much water as possible to prevent dehydration and shrinking of their skin fast as the age dictates.

They should also avoid taking processed drinks which have preservatives in them, and the best advice is to make fruit juices at home which are freshly blended and have the original taste.

  1. Have enough rest.

Most seniors are retired, and at such a time, it is vital for them to take enough rest to maintain a healthy body. If they endeavor to take seven hours without any interruptions, then they stand a better chance of surviving longer.



The state of mind revolves around one’s mind, body and spirit and if the above factors are all combined, these three will be a success and will work together for a healthy body and as such no need for supplements.